Michael Costen

Michael Costen

Michael Costen is a founding member of Aerospace Structural Research Corp

Mr. Costen is responsible for managing ASRs Analysis group. Since its' founding, he has grown the group from one engineer to eight with a focus on quality and adding value to customer’s products.

Aerospace Structural Research Corp. (ASR) is a Mechanical Engineering Service company specializing in the needs of aerospace and power generation customers. Founded in 1995, ASR provides a full range of mechanical engineering services which include: Stress, Dynamics, Heat Transfer and Flow Analysis/Design and Drafting.

ASR was founded by engineers with experience in the aero-turbine industry. From this base, ASR has expanded its structural analysis expertise in two directions: 1) aerospace and 2) power generation. On the power side, ASR has branched into all forms of electrical power generation. From 50kw systems to nuclear power, ASR has performed structural lifing analyses for many subsystem components including heat exchangers and boilers. ASR routinely designs systems to ASME Pressure Vessel and Boiler Code Section 8, which covers steam systems.

Prior to ASR, Mr. Costen worked as a lead analyst at a major turbine engine manufacturer (Textron, Honeywell) in Stratford CT. As the Lead Analyst, Mr. Costen had responsibility for the structural life of critical rotating and static structural elements within new and existing engines. Prior to his role in structures, Mr Costen worked as a performance engineer at the same company.


  • Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, VA
  • B.S. in Aerospace & Ocean Engineering, 1985

Michael Costen is a credited inventor on the following innovations:

  • Pumpkin Masters Long Life Carving Tool
  • Lightweight, High Speed Advanced Turbine Disk
  • Structural Advancement for high pressure plate heat exchanger
  • Light weight and Low Cost Solar Collector
  • Heat Exchanger with Header Tubes
  • High Strength, Fast Acting Mechanical Clamp

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