Lynne Halpin Costen

Lynne Halpin Costen

Lynne Halpin Costen is a founding member of Aerospace Structural Research Corp

Ms Costen began her engineering career at Techmire Precision Components in Milton, VT (Zinc Die Cast) as a quality inspector. In 1985, Lynne moved to Connecticut to work on the M1A1 Army Tank Gas Turbine Engine (AGT1500) for Avco Lycoming in Stratford as a Project Engineer and a Quality Engineer. In both roles she was a liaison between various engineering departments, technicians, suppliers, inspectors, machinists, MRB, purchasing and upper management.

While on family leave from engineering, Lynne studied Accounting at Southern Connecticut State University and tax prep at H&R Block. She needed a flexible work schedule so enjoyed meeting the townspeople as a grocery cashier and working seasonally as a tax preparer. In addition, Lynne worked as a high school soccer official and volunteered for many positions including PTA Council President, Board of Education member, youth sports coach and referee assigner.

At ASRs founding, Lynne took on the Financial and Administrative Roles as the corporate Vice President and then Treasurer, ensuring that all corporate, accounting and tax documents were filed and in order. As ASR grew, so did her responsibilities. Today, she takes responsibility for everything non-engineering, including computer repairs & network setup, taxes, client agreements, human resources (benefits, insurance, payroll). Lynne especially enjoys the variety of roles that owning a mature engineering consultancy provides. She believes in the value of personal connection and strives to keep that connection a part of ASRs core engineering service.


  • B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, 1985

Fun Fact

  • In 1981, Ms Halpin Costen was the first female and youngest soccer official in Vermont. She was a member of the Greater Vermont Soccer Officials Association while she studied engineering at UVM. Lynne currently officiates with the Greater New Haven Soccer Officials Association, Connecticut Soccer Referee Program and the Connecticut Womens Lacrosse Officials Association.

  • Lynne encourages women and people to take on roles where they are under-represented.

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