ASR's Principal Engineers have over 20 years experience each specializing in aerospace components. We continue to assist our clients with the environments and requirements that Aerospace components are designed to. We have experience designing to certification requirements and helping our clients resolve high profile engineering challenges.

From conceptual design through to detail design and analytical simulation of launch loads & thermal conditions, ASR has the experience to substantially increase your chance for success.


Spacecraft components must survive the vibrations associated with liftoff as well as the harsh environment of space while holding tight tolerances. ASR has proven it has what it takes to combine our analysis and design talents for products that are out of this world.

↓  Some of Our Work


ASR engineers have extensive experience in the field of turbine engine component design and analysis. Contact us for stress, dynamic/vibration analysis, thermal analysis and life prediction of static and rotary components.


ASR has performed extensive analysis on a variety of aircraft components, from valves to electrical enclosures to complex hoists. We work with our clients to quickly come up to speed with the product and certification requirements for each component. Our analytical skills combined with your product knowledge leads to fewer build & test iterations and an improved problem solution schedule. We work as a temporary member of your team to make you look good and allow you to manufacture & sell the best product possible.

    Stress Analysis, Life Prediction, Thermal Analysis

  • Cloudsat

    JPL awarded ASR the mechanical design and structural/thermal analysis responsibility for the secondary and tertiary mirrors of the Cloudsat spacecraft.


ASR worked on the mechanical design of a methanol far infrared laser local oscillator (LLO) module for the Earth Observing System (EOS) portion of NASA's Mission to Planet Earth (MTPE) program.

The Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) of the California Institute of Technology awarded the development of the LLO module to Coherent-DEOS. As subcontractor to Coherent-DEOS, ASR was responsible for the mechanical engineering aspect of the program, which included design, stress & thermal analysis, as well as drafting.

The EOS portion of NASA's MTPE program includes space instrumentation directed toward understanding the chemistry of the Earth's atmosphere from space. The methanol LLO is part of the Microwave Limb Sounder portion of the EOS Aura satellite program which is responsible for acquiring OH atmospheric data, as well as other data, by looking through the atmosphere "limb" from space. Understanding the role of the OH molecule in the Earth's atmospheric chemistry is important in predicting future trends in the ozone layer.

JPL awarded ASR the mechanical design and structural/thermal analysis responsibility for the secondary and tertiary mirrors of the Cloudsat spacecraft.

In collaboration with PLX Inc and JPL, ASR contributed to the successful design of the retroreflector and roof mirror of the Tropospheric Emission Spectrometer (TES) instrument for the Aura spacecraft.

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