About ASR

About ASR

Aerospace Structural Research Corporation was incorporated as a Connecticut company in 1995. ASR has since earned a national and international reputation of delivering excellent Design and Analysis services at competitive prices.


1995 - Main Office Milford, CT


Aerospace Structural Research Corp began when gas turbine engine manufacturer, Allied Signal Corp, closed its Stratford, CT plant. Owners Adrian Papanide and Mike Costen were faced with the opportunity to move to Phoenix with Allied Signal or make their experience work for them. With Adrian's strength in mechanical design and Mike's strength in mechanical analysis they realized that if they worked together they could provide a great engineering service directly to corporate clients. That was the start of ASR becoming a full service mechanical engineering firm. Our engineers continue to assist scores of companies in various industries, supplying the engineering analysis and design services required to design and manufacture quality products.

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Hard working people committed to providing the engineering solutions you need. In 22 years, ASR employs 12 Full Time engineers plus administrative staff. Our staff is comprised of full-time US persons based in our Milford, CT office where the work is performed. ASR's dedicated staff is committed to forming long-term relationships with our clients. An engineering service company can be utilized as often as necessary to provide a quick turnaround. When a project is initiated we work to assign the engineer who is familiar with your design team and past projects. ASR has been an engine behind the growth of many companies. Let ASR do the same for you

Company Owners

Michael K. Costen
Analysis Group

Adrian I. Papanide
Design Group

Company Administrators

Nanci Redmond
Office Manager

Chris Battista
Systems Administrator

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FROM I-91 Southbound to I-95

From New Haven to Exit 41 Marsh Hill Road
Left on Marsh Hill Road

FROM I-95 Northbound

I-95 to Exit 41 Marsh Hill Road
Right on Marsh Hill Road

From Marsh Hill Road

Right on Essex
Left on Shamrock
Right on Depot Road
2nd Floor ASR, Red Brick Building
From lobby enter door leading into building.
Immediate on right is a stairway door.
Take stairway to 2nd Floor.

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Certificate of Achievement was awarded to ASR Corporation for dedication to the project and successful milestone achievement of July 10, 2014 on the S-92 Sponson Analysis Completion. ASR partnered with Meggitt Polymers and Composites a GA based company in meeting this goal.

ASR Corporation received the "Alliance Partner of the Year" award on May 15, 2007. Lynne Costen representing ASR Corp accepted the award in Washington DC. US Senator Joseph Lieberman also extended his congratulations to Mike Costen and ASR Corporation.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) presents to Michael K. Costen for the creative development of a scientific contribution which has been determined to be of significant value in the advancement of the space and aeronautical activities of NASA and is entitled: "Lightweight, Low-cost Solar Energy Collector"

The award was presented to Michael K. Costen on May 16, 2006

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) presents the Public Service Group Achievement Award to ASR Corporation (Microwave Limb Sounder Gas Laser Team) for outstanding accomplishment in the development of a 2.5 terahertz laser local oscillator for critical atmospheric measurements on the Aura mission.

The award was presented to ASR on March 29, 2005 by Frederick D. Gregory, Deputy Administrator, NASA

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